It is recommended to come  a week before the wig fitting for a free consultation as I will be able to take your head measurements and advice you on the cap size you should choose if your decide to go for a lace wig in stock ora  custom wig.

• If you have a weave-on, please remove it prior to  your appointment but if you want me to remove it for you, please let me know when you book your appointment as the weave removal service will incur additionnal fees and an extending timeslot.
• Your skin has to be in good condition prior to a wig application and able to withstand the use of adhesives, no compensation for any adverse reactions you may have to the adhesives as you should always test your skin for sensitivity to adhesives.

On some rare occasions the management may decide to offer you a special discount when you buy the wig from our site and decide to have it fitted with us
This special discount for our services will be at our sole discretion and will depend on client loyalty

Full lace wig basic application
(Basic application : 2 layers of ultra hold to both forehead and nape) - Last approx. between
1 week / 2 weeks
Full lace wig long lasting application : (triple combinaison application technique to both forehead and nape with double sided tape combined with Ultra Hold glue )
- Last 3-4 weeks (Please be aware that in hot weather or if you exercice often lace application is likely to last less longer than expected) 
Lace frontal fitting ( Basic application at the front only£40.00
Modifying a classic full lace wig into a glue less full lace wig ( non adjustable elastic strap stitched at the back of the cap of the wig + combs or clips added at the temples and front of the cap )£25.00
Blow-drying of your wig or of your own hair


Lace wig removal & cleaning off the glue from the lace of the wig & scalp + shampoo / conditioning of the wig£35.00
To shampoo your own hair:£15.00
Flat ironed your own hair or / the hair of your lace wig with astraightner :£25.00
To curl the hair of your lace wig with a curling tong:£35.00


Huguette Yvette

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We offer 30 minutes  free consultation prior to purchasing, however a £10.00 booking fees is required to book your appointment either for trying some wigs or for a lace wig fitting. The £10 fees will be refunded if you don't make any purchase at the end of the consultation and it will be deducted from any purchase you make. The booking fees is to ensure that you will attend your appointment and it will cover for missed appointments. You can book  your wig fitting or your 30 minutes free consultation by filling the form here below :

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