Ms Huguette Yvette GUIMS

Lace wig consultant

Born in France, from acarribbean family, I have been living in the U.K for 20 years.

I first discovered lace wigs in 2006. My front hairline was damaged because of excessive weaving and hair relaxer, so I decided to stop relaxing my hair and wearing weave-on all together, but how could I possibily manage my hair without relaxing it or weavint it? This was the moment when In found out about lace wigs. I was fascinated by it and decided to have a try. Setting up my own business selling and fitting lace wigs wasn't my first goal but I had so many compliments and positive feedback about my new hairstyle. People were complimenting on my hair, really believing that I was wearing my own hair and they were very surprised to know that it was in fact a lace wig. It looks so natural..! Straight away, the ladies were asking me if I was selling or fitting the lace wigs and this is how my business started. First I worked as a self-employed and afterwards I decided to open my own limited company.

I am specialised in wig fitting and provide customized lace wigs. I also sell lace wigs that I have in stock. I offer free consultations if you wish to know more about lace wigs and if you want to know the type of hair replacement system you need. My aim it's to help you finding a hair alternative that is suitable to your needs whether you are experiencing hairloss or want a new hairstyle.

077 5412 5019