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Made of cohesive elastic latex non-woven fabric;Self-adhesive, non-sticky to hair or skin.
High flexibility,
Widedly used in medical, sports and veterinary area.
Also great for lace wig wearers by giving the illusion of real scalp under the lace.

Wrap the stretchy brown tape around your head. Make sure the tape is overlaping so that it sticks to itself. Please note that there is no glue or adhesive on either side of thIs bandage. If you are allergic to glue this bandage is the perfect solution for you. You can apply the glue on the bandage itself instead of the skin.
The bandage can also hide the grid of the lace and gives the impression that the hair is growing from your scalp. A perfect hairline illusion.Also this bandage can be used as a wig grip band to prevent your wig from sliding back and to keep it securely in place.
7.5 CM

Item code: Adh-bandage

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Important Notice:

Please note that you must not bleach Indian Remy hair. Remy hair has been processed beforehand and by over processing the hair, you can damage it and cause hair matting, tangling and hair breakage for which we are not liable.
Virgin hair and Remy can be curled and flat ironed.
Indian Remy hair can be dyed darker but not bleached to obtain a lighter colour. Bear in mind that dying the hair will affect the hair quality by triggering hair shedding, hair breakage and hair matting. It is likely that you won’t obtain the expected hair colour when dying Remy hair. If you still wish to dye the hair, we recommend by first trying on a small strand of hair and wait for the result. Our company is not responsible for the outcome if you over process the hair. 100% Virgin hair such as Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Chinese....etc can be successfully dyed or bleached but there is still a risk in the hair quality altering.
Please note that heavily processed hair such as when it is a very light hair colour (eg: #4, 6,#8, #613, #27, #33, #22, #14 etc…) can become dry and tangle after a while, so we recommend the daily use of daily a hair serum such as John Frieda Frizz Ease.

Means that the hair has an unprocessed hair colour and/or an unprocessed hair texture.

Before being processed it was 100% pure Virgin but once it has been dyed, bleached, and permed by you or by the manufacturer, the hair is no longer virgin and is likely to become dry, to matt and to tangle if no proper care is taken.

All our natural colour Virgin hair which comes with a loose wave, natural wave, loose curl, natural curl, body wave, wavy, and a deep wave and curly hair texture is semi-processed for the curls and has kept their natural colour.

Only the straight hair texture is 100% Virgin Unprocessed. All hair textures can still be bleached or dyed with care. Please be aware that in some cases, the curls can loosen or turn straight during the dying/bleaching process. The hair is also likely to become dry afterwards and if no proper care is taken, it can also start matting.
Please ask a professional to dye or bleach your hair extensions / wigs/ hair pieces and if before dying or bleaching the hair, you feel that the hair is fragile or very dry and is matting and tangling DO NOT DYE OR BLEACH it in anyway as it will worsen the current state of the hair.
ETHNIC HAIR TEXTURES need more maintenance than a silky straight texture such as applying serum and braiding the hair at night if you intend to sleep still wearing your wig on. Ethnic hair can be curled but we recommend applying more holding spray for the curls to last longer as they are likely to drop quickly.

JERRY / AFRO CURLS is a hair texture that has been processed in order to mimic natural Afro-Caribbean hair. This hair is coarse and needs to be moisturized daily with one bottle cap of of Softn Free curl activator and 3 caps of water mixed into a spray bottle.

YAKI STRAIGHT is a hair texture that has been processed in order to mimic chemically relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. This hair is much coarser than a silky straight texture and doesn’t hold curls very well.
LIGHT YAKI is a similar hair texture to the yaki straight but finer.
It is suitable for Afro-Caribbeans who wish to have a hair texture that is finer than a yaki straight and coarser than a silky straight. This hair has been processed to slightly mimic a chemically relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. This hair will hold and curl better than a yaki straight but the curls will not last for a long time.
ITALIAN YAKI is a hair texture that has been processed in order to mimic blow-dried Afro-Caribbean hair.
This hair is less coarse than the kinky straight and doesn’t keep curls in place very well.
KINKY STRAIGHT is a hair texture that has been processed in order to mimic blow-dried Afro-Caribbean hair.
This hair is much coarser than a yaki straight and Italian yaki and doesn’t keep curls in place very well.
Whilst it is common practice to put combs or clips on hair pieces and on wigs to secure it onto your head, we need to warn you that the combs /clips are likely to break and damage your own hair over time and we recommend that you avoid using them where possible.


- Detangle the hair before washing, starting from the tips of the hair and going slowly upward near the roots (It is not recommended to comb wet hair. The only exception to it, is if you comb the hair when it is completely under the water.

Regarding curly/wavy hair, use your fingers to separate the curls. Comb and detangle the hair when it is dry, before washing it).

- Before washing the hair, detangle it, spray water into the dry hair and put it slowly into a basin full of luke warm water already mixed with shampoo. When washing the hair place the hair under the water and remove it several times. Do not wring or twist.
- Rinse the wig in clean water, exactly as already stated above, by submerging the hair under the water and taking it out of the water several times. Do not wring or twist. Towel dry the wig.
- If you wish to deep condition the hair of the wig, you should apply Silicon Mix Intensive Hair conditioner which is one of the best hair treatments in the market. The Silicon Mix intensive hair conditioner should be applied on wet hair, previously washed/shampooed and towel dried.
After applying the conditioner, comb the hair starting from the bottom and moving slowly upward to detangle it if required.

Place the wig in a zip bag and leave it in the zip bag in a warm place for 1 hour minimum or overnight. The longer you leave the hair in the zip bag, the better it is as the Silicon Mix treatment will make the hair softer and nicer. Once the time period has lapsed, remove the hair from the zip bag.
Rinse the wig in a basin full of lukewarm water by placing it, in and out of the water no more twice. Do not rinse out the conditioner completely so that some of it stays on the hair in order to leave the hair soft while it dries. Towel dry the hair.

- Hang the hair on the mannequin head or hair stand and let it air dry naturally. Avoid using a hairdryer if possible but you can occasionally use a hairdryer on a low setting. Leaving your hair to air dry naturally will improve or maintain the softness and the natural gloss of the hair.

If your wig has wavy or curly hair, it is recommended to use a little bit of John Frieda Anti-frizz strength formula serum on wet hair to activate the wave/curl of the hair.
Silicon Mix leave in conditioner is also a good product to use on dry hair, 2 or 3 times a week if you don’t have John Frieda serum.

- Curly hair will look more defined if air dry
- We recommend washing your wig / hair once a week to keep it fresh and looking good.
- Refresh curly hair by spraying water and applying a little bit of John Frieda Anti-frizz strength formula on the wet hair.
Avoid applying too much oily product on the hair which will make it looks heavy. Don’t apply hair products from the roots to avoid hair shedding

- It is not recommended to put excessive heat on the hair of your wig as it will damage it in the same way as it will damage your own hair if you put excessive heat on it.

- Before using the straightener or the curling iron, please apply a heat protective serum on the hair and make sure the heat setting is moderate otherwise it will damage the hair
How long will my wig last? You lace wig can last for many years, depending on proper care and usage of your wig. If you use your wig every day and wash it every week, repair should apply within 2 to 3 months. Repairs include re-ventilation and hair addition. It is common to have your wig repair after the second or third month especially if you have been using the same wig for a while. Sometimes it can happen that re-ventilation is required after the first month of use. We are offering free repair if your wig requires fixing within the first month of purchase (it starts the day you have collected the hair from our premises or received it by post).
Use the knot sealer for your wigs
- After each shampoo, we recommend spraying the inside of the wig (only the lace of the cap) with a knot sealer to prevent shedding.
- Don’t spray the knot sealer on the hair.
- Spray the knot sealer on the lace only when the wig is completely dry.
Repair services:
Repair service is free if your wig requires fixing within 1 month of purchase. Re-ventilation and repair services start from £85.00 for all wigs purchased at Repairs and re-ventilation take 8 to 12 weeks to be completed. Sometimes it can take longer. We will try our best to keep you inform of the status of your wig sent for repair.
Full Lace Wigs Ltd
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Mobile: 07754125019
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Cancellation of Stock Lace Wigs, lace closures, lace Frontals or hair wefts after dispatched will result in a refund less postage fees. (if received within 7 days).

Refurbished /restored wigs are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. Wigs and hair pieces on sale or discounted are not refundable but they can be returned at our discretion only and a credit note can be issued toward your next purchase.
Any cancellation, or any exchanges /returns must be approved and agreed by Ms Huguette Guims, Director of Full Lace Wigs Ltd before packages are accepted and the item must be returned by Next Day delivery to:

Full Lace Wigs Ltd
Ms Huguette Guims
Olive Road - Flat b
London NW2 6DB
United Kingdom

Please note that it will take between 4 to 8 weeks for your custom-made wig/ hair piece to be completed. Custom made wig / hair pieces will go into production upon receipt of your deposit and upon approval of our invoice. It is important that your read carefully the custom wig specifications on the invoice you have been given at the time of placing your order. A minimum deposit of 70% is usually required in order to start your bespoke wig / hair piece with the balance to be paid within 4 weeks of your custom item being ready for collection. You will be contacted once your wig is ready for collection. Failure to collect your custom item on time, will result in you being liable for a daily penalty of £3.00 a day. If you have paid for your custom item in full at the time of placing the order, the daily penalty charge will not apply.
Please note that once the custom made wig/ hair piece is in production it cannot either be modified, nor cancelled. The money deposited towards a custom made wig is not refundable but if an error has been committed by the manufacturer your custom item will be returned to the manufacturer and will be fixed or remade according to your original requirements.

There is a one-month guarantee on your custom item starting from the day your custom wig or hair piece is ready for collection (not from the day when you start using the item). We offer free repair if your custom wig / stock wig requires fixing within the first month of purchase. This guarantee is void if the hair of the wig / hair piece has been dyed or bleached after purchase.

Full Lace Wigs Ltd
Landline: 02084507850
Mobile: 07754125019
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Full Lace Wigs Ltd
Landline: 02084507850
Mobile: 07754125019
Website :
Address: Olive Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 6DB