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FLW provides full service for your damaged lace wig, including repair, hair replacement and hair addition, cleaning and detangling service. So don't throw away your expensive investment. Before sending you lace wig to FLW, call Huguette on 07754125019 and I will send you a form to complete by email and it must be returned to me with the item to be repaired.This form is only an authorization for repair work. - some wigs cannot be repaired or adjusted and in any case you will be informed.Once it has been determined that you wig can be repaired, you must authorize and pay for the repair in advance.It is not a guarantee of service There is no charge for the unit inspection but postage fees must be paid, to cover the cost of items return to you. Please note that your unit service scheduling begins once you submit payment. You can come directly to our premises and hand over you lace wig that need repairing.

Below are the prices for the following services (exclusively for wigs bought from us):

. Please note that we can give you an accurate price regarding repair and detangling service once we have checked the state of your wig.

- Cleaning service: removal of glue residue and shampoo =£15.00
- Detangling service (in house)= from £ 20.00 - When you wig is severly tangled like the picture below we will not be able to detangle it and we will have to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Please note that the price could range between £75- £100 as a shipping fee charge will be added)
- Detangling (slightly tangled)+ cleaning service = £30.00
- Teared lace repair start from £80.00 (Please note that the costs are measured by the extent of damage and a shipping charge will be added as your wig will be sent to the manufacturer.).This service time frame is 4-8 weeks.

Hair Addition: It can be applied to units received as order if the client wishes their lace wig to have more density. This price will range from £ 75.00- £ 100.00, based on hair type, length, color, texture, etc. This service time frame is from 1 month to 4 months depending how busy is the factory.

Hair Replacement:
Applies to units with normal shedding requiring hair replacement /reventilation to return to original hair density. This service runs from £80-£100.00 based on hair type, length, color, texture, and the hair density required...etc.
This service time frame is from 1 month to 4 months depending how busy is the factory.

We reserve the rights to ask an additionnal £15.00 for dirty and uncleanded wigs that are brought for repair. If you want your wig to be repaired, please inform us prior to visit that you wish your wig to be cleaned prior to repair. Additional cleaning fees will be added to the price for repair. We offer an interesting discount If you wish to combine different services such as Cleaning + detangling + hair replacement Please give us a call on 07754125019.

FINAL BILLING: We only provide an estimate of cost but rely on actual billable service fee from the factory.
Each service requires 80% deposit. Once the order is complete, we will ask you to pay the balance before shipping the repaired wig to you or you can pay the balance on collection.

Once we receive notice of payment, you may send your unit to the address stated at the bottom page.

Contact us by email or call us to request an alteration.
When sending items for alteration, always use a reliable shipping service with delivery confirmation and insurance equal to the purchase price of the item. I must be able to confirm receipt of your return. You may email or call us with the delivery confirmation number for your package. Irecommend you do this as soon as the item is shipped. Your wig is valuable. Make sure you purchase enough insurance to cover potential loss.
I accept no responsibility for the shipment of items sent to us. If there is a problem with the shipment, you should contact the shipping service directly. I will have no information concerning your shipment.

Wavy 2.5 full lace wig 22inches long, originally colour #1.

This wig is a colour #1. The color of the wig has faded because of repeated washed and the hair is matt and has lost hair density. The wig has been sent to the factory where a wig maker has added 15% more hair and has given to the wig is original color. As you can see the wig on the right is silky and look as new!

Before repair

Damaged wig


After repair
Repaired full lace wig, colour #4,  14 inches longRepaired full lace wig, colour #4, 14 inches long

Wavy 2.5 cm full lace wig, colour #4, 14 inches long

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